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Guest Appearances

Sid Roth

Dr. Candice shares with Sid Roth about Releasing Heaven into your atmospheres and how to release the vats of Heaven

The Jim Bakker Show

Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker discuss the study of angels with special guests Charlie Shamp and Dr Candice Smithyman.

The Jim Bakker Show

Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker discuss the study of angels with special guests Charlie Shamp and Dr Candice Smithyman.

Elijah Streams

Have you longed for more encounters with the Lord? On today’s episode of Elijah Streams, Steve Shultz interviews Dr. Candice so you can learn how to be caught up into heavenly places.

Sid Roth

Join Sid Roth and Dr. Candice as they discus how you are a walking portal of God and heaven’s gateway to what the world needs now!.

Today with Marilyn and Sarah

Marilyn, Sarah and Dr. Candice talk about releasing the power of Heaven into your everyday circumstances.

The Glory Road

The Glory Road TV Show LIVE is seen on Facebook LIVE. It is an educational interview program, where every week Dr. Candice interviews prophetic leaders and authors who are making a kingdom impact. Guests on the show have included Angela Greening, Katie Souza, Joan Hunter, Kathy DeGraw, Steve Shultz, Robert Hotchkin and others.

The Glory Road TV Show can be seen weekly on Faith USA at 1:30 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays. You can also watch it on Faith UK on Sky channel 594 at 1230pm on Tuesday and Saturdays – UK time, Faith Africa DSTV341 on Saturday at 3pm – Africa time! On this program, Dr. Candice operates in prophecy, bringing viewers a prophetic word backed by Scripture and teaching. You will learn what God is doing in the earth today and how to operate in miracles, healing, the glory, and supernatural encounters. You will also enjoy guest prophets and authors such as Kat Kerr, Steve Strang, Larry Sparks, James Goll, Karen Wheaton, and more.

Glory Road is also available on Livestream TV ( and Kingdom Flame (

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Recent Episodes

August 17, 2020: David Herzog

August 17, 2020 Guest: David Herzog

July 20, 2020: John Veal

July 20, 2020 Guest: Joh Veal

April 28, 2020: Emma Stark

April 28, 2020 Guest: Emma Stark

It’s Supernatural Network

Join Dr. Candice on Sid Roth’s Its Supernatural Network starting December 7th, 2020! Her new program Your Path To Destiny can be viewed on the ISN App and YouTube on Mondays at 8:30AM EST and 8:30PM EST. If you miss the weekly show at these times on Tuesdays simply just rewind on ISN Youtube and until Wednesday 8:29 am EST.

Some of her topics in Season 1 include:

Power over Addiction, Transformation of Your Soul, Overcoming Shame and Guilt, Preparation to Release the Glory, Activate Your Faith for Healing and Miracles, and more.

Dr. Candice Guest Interviews in Season 1 which airs December 2020- March 2021 include:

– Dec 15 and Dec 22 will be guest Apostle Joshua Fowler on The Power of Pausing in His Presence and The Grace for Pastoral Ministry

For Apostle Joshua Fowler book Pause in My Presence go to or order here.

– Jan 12 and Jan 19 with guest Pastor Siegfried Tomazsewski on Knowing Your Destiny and The Power of Healing in Evangelism
For Pastor Siegfried Tomazsewski book on Knowing Your Destiny go to or order here.

– Feb 16 and Feb 23 with guest Pastor Isik Abla on Victory Over Sexual Abuse and Soul Trauma and How to Protect Yourself from Enemy Attacks
For Pastor Isik Abla book on Cast Out Demons and Slay Your Giants go to or order here.