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Double Glory In Hebrew Year 5782

The Month of Tishrei is the first month of the civil calendar year and the seventh month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar.  It is also called the Head of the Year or the “month of beginning”. It starts on Tuesday, September 6 at sundown and is a celebration called Rosh Hashanah or  Feast of Trumpets. It is the beginning of Hebrew New Year 5782 which means 5,782 days since the creation of Adam and Eve. 

Tishrei is a Hebrew month in which three feasts take place which are the Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Feast of Tabernacles. On Rosh Hashanah, the first day of Tishrei, what is called the Ten Days of Awe begins, which goes until Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement. The Days of Awe are 10 days of repentance, prayer, fasting and cleansing to prepare one’s heart for the Day of Atonement which starts Wednesday, September 15 at sundown until Thursday, September 16 at sundown and is the Highest Holy Day of the Year to the Jews. It is a day  we who  believe in Jesus as Messiah remember that He sprinkled His blood on the mercy seat in the heavenly tabernacle.

This is followed by the third feast which is Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot which begins sundown on Monday, September 20- sundown on Monday, September 27. This feast is highlighted for the Jews as they remember building booths or shelter when the Lord called them to live in the wilderness. For those who believe in Jesus, we remember that Jesus tabernacles among us and is our provider. 

Each feast is a recognized appointed time set aside by God where we come to meet Him.  

God has given me a special word for Hebrew year 5782 that I want to share with you. The numbers 5-7-8-2 are biblical numbers that mean-  grace,  perfection,  new beginnings and double portion. God has shared with me that this year  we’re going to see double glory come into the earth.  In Habakkuk 2:14 (KJV), the scripture reads, “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”

The Hebrew word knowledge is da’ath which is broken down to the word yada. Yada means to know as in seeing, as in recognition through a variety of senses, as in observation and care, and even friend, famous, kinsfolk or kinsman. We all know a kinsman redeemer who gave His life that we might live, that is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. In other words, when the earth is going to be filled, it’s going to be filled to fullness with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord which comes from a knowledge of Jesus, as our redeemer. He is one who has saved us from our sins and reconciled us to relationship with the Father by His shed blood on the cross. 

That word glory in the Hebrew is the word kabod, which means the weighty presence of God, splendor, and honor. This is broken down to the word kabad which means weighty in a good sense, numerous, rich, honorable, abounding as in reference to nobles or nobility. We will know the fullness of our kinsman redeemer’s weighty presence and His splendor and majesty as we come to know His nobility and bow to it in the earth realms. 

As Habakkuk 2:14 continues it says, “ as the waters cover the sea.” This means we will know His splendor and majesty as vast as waters covering the sea. That word sea in the Hebrew is the word yam which means to roar, as a noisy surf. In Florida, where I am from, we have wide beaches on both coasts of the state. Have you ever stood on the sand and looked to the far right or far left of where you are standing and see how far the beach goes and how much water is ready to rush in and pound the sand. When the waters rise, they flood the sand, and as each wave hits the sand a roar is let out by the noisy surf. The waters fill to overflowing. This year in 5782, I believe the Lord is filling the earth with His glory and God is sending a roar on the earth that will be likened to a noisy surf hitting the sand.  This is for those who have ears to hear, a mighty sound of the glory of the King of Kings is coming forth. His nobility and majesty will be experienced by us in a greater way. Yes, the earth is in a desperate place and our culture is weak and overrun, but we will grow in the knowledge of our kinsman redeemer and all He has done so we can walk in double glory in 5782. We have seen some glory in the earth, but I believe as the people of God really  connect with His heart for them, no matter their circumstances, they will step into a greater knowledge of the Lord and it will become a roar. 

I just want to pray for you because we’re entering into this Hebrew New Year of 5782. May you receive this new year a double portion of grace, perfection, new beginnings, and double portion of every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies. May a double portion of His spirit, a double portion of His glory come upon you so that you will be equipped to be a glory carrier into the earth. As we the church become knowledgeable in these truths and as we grab a hold in our senses the Lord being our kinsmen Redeemer, we will begin to cover the earth with His glory as the waters cover the sea. We will roar with a sound that comes from all of us together united in His glory covering the earth. 

Double glory is coming in 5782. God is making a way!  He has prepared your heart to receive more and more of Him. Please share this good news with some people who need to hear it. Remember Christ in you is the hope of glory in the earth today and double glory is coming!  


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