December 14th, 2021 - Candice Smithyman


December 14th, 2021

You have come through a time of testing for promotion. Yes! I can see it happening in the heavenly realms! The Lord is pouring out grain, wine, and oil upon you (Hosea 2). The vats of heaven are opened. I see gold and silver from heaven being poured down upon you. The resources of heaven are coming to touch you right now, to aid in this promotion.

Why, you ask? Because God is getting things into alignment for you. A divine set up for January 2022! God causes all things for your good and is properly positioning you.

You are a voice of the Kingdom, and God wants to use you in a mighty way. Just like when Esther came into King Xerxes house – not only was she prepared, but she was promoted. She was called to save her nation. She stepped up to the task and stood up to the king. She became a voice in her Kingdom. When she stepped up to the task, everything she needed was provided. She protected her people from Haman and became close with King Xerxes. She passed the test of loving the people more than herself.

Your promotion time is going to put you in places that you have never even imaged, with people that you have never seen before! It will cause you to press in for them and save your family, your workplace, and your nation!

Embrace your divine connections! Get excited that God is properly positioning you! He is getting you ready to minister to the people that will show up in your life in 2022. You will have the resources you need to complete the task.

January 2022 is also a time of double glory. You are walking in the glory – you are a glory carrier! I know that God will reveal things to you like He has been revealing to me. I know that He is preparing you for greater influence. Don’t allow your adversaries to push you back. Stay the course and continue to press into God.

There is a greater release of finances coming to you. 2 Corinthians 9:6 says, “He who soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly, and he who soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.” Here we see that when you sow bountifully in the spirit, with the Word of God or with blessing, it will return bountifully to you. But if you sow sparingly, it will return sparingly. Choose to sow bountifully today.

Share this with a friend, and let them know that they have been properly positioned for promotion!

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