October 4th, 2021 - Candice Smithyman


October 4th, 2021

What a great day! Today, Tuesday, October 5th at sundown starts the new Hebrew month, Cheshvan. This celebration of Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan goes until sundown on Thursday, October 7th.

The Lord showed me a picture of what Cheshvan is going to bring forth in the earth this year. It will be a month of multiplication!

I saw God fishing. He had bait on His fishing rod, and He was casting it out. He was releasing it to catch many fish. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “I am going fishing, and I am going to be casting My fishing rod and hook. I am putting it out there just as I am sending you.” See, God is releasing you, sending you out as bait to bring great amounts of people (fish) into His Kingdom. He is not only using me – but you too! He wants to see a great multiplication happen this month.

God gave me a scripture to share with you. It’s found in Hebrew 6:13-14, “For when God made the promise to Abraham, since He could swear by no one greater, He swore by Himself, saying, “I will surely bless you and I will surely multiply you.”

God’s promise to Abraham was to make His descendants many on the earth. Just the same is His promise for the church today. God is getting ready to bring increase! Remember He is using you to go out and bring a lot of people back to the Lord. YOU are a part of His bait for this multiplication.

On the 17th of Cheshvan we remember how the great flood came upon the earth during the days of Noah. There are no festivals this month, but it’s a time of completion. It is also a time during which we remember that King Solomon finished the work on the Temple.

God is getting you SET UP for a release and a restart. He is restarting things.

Take time today to look at your life and do an assessment. What is God restarting in your life?

Yes, I know that you went through a time of crushing, but now He is going to restart some of the things that He gave you before the crushing took place. It’s a restart and a release. God is going to birth new things in dead places.

God is repositioning you to go out and expand and gather fish! I hear Him saying, “I’m going to restart some things. I’m going to start sending people out. I’m going to send them forth. I’m going to use them to pull in a great supply of fish, a great supply of movement, a great supply of multiplication. Be fruitful and multiply!” 

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