November 2020 - Candice Smithyman

This a Spiritual Test – Our Nation is Being Cleansed

Given all we are going through as a nation, I thought this word that I spoke on Sunday November 1, 2020 would be relevant to share today. I sent this out to my email list on Election day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Read the prophetic word below under the date.

This prophetic word below for month of Cheshvan, is relevant as President Trump has found himself in this very place. On Cheshvan 17 which began Tuesday, November 3, 2020 at sundown was also the exact day the flood rains came after Noah had prepared the Ark in 2105 BCE. Now, we as a nation have found ourselves in a flood, as we are in a time of testing and we will see the deliverance of the Lord. We repented during Yom Kippur and had multiple rally’s in Washington, DC, well now is a time to remember that we are clean as a nation and when you declare and decree clean, then God makes those who repent actually clean in spirit, soul and body. The spirit, soul and body of our nation are being cleansed and healed so that we will start a new system where the roots of evil will be eradicated. We are only experiencing what we prayed for. I know we prayed for a godly President to rule but the issues ran must deeper. So, as Americans let us stand together and continue to pray for God to clean the root system of our nation and bring about the true blessings of our Constitution and the unity, peace, justice, righteousness and the elements of a godly culture. We are also seeing this play out with the recent confession of Carl Lentz, the past senior leader of Hillsong East Coast in New York,  who God is also cleansing and making whole before our eyes. God loves His people and this nation and He will heal us and cleanse us to the core so that we shine bright for His glory. Global glory is coming but it cannot until root systems are cleansed. Wait, watch and listen as God will continue to reshape America for justice, righteousness, and the American way.

Here was the prophetic word from Sunday, November 1, 2020 sent out on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

God is Doing Mighty Things

God is doing mighty things! During this current Hebrew month of Cheshvan, rain and restoration are coming upon you, child of God. God is pouring down blessings upon your life! Last month and this month God said you will receive excessive rain and excessive blessings (Joel 2:23)!

But take heed: this is also a time of testing. Just like Noah was tested when God told him to build the Ark, and to take aboard his family and two of every kind of animal, you will endure some tests. Rain came upon him for 40 days and 40 nights and flooded everything. He had to put his complete trust in God for every moment of the journey. Yes, rains of blessing are coming upon you, but it’s also a time of testing.

God doesn’t want you to hold on to what you are receiving this month. He will send the rain and then ask you to release the blessing to someone else. He doesn’t want you to be attached to it. It is so important that you trust God enough to release it as He tells you to. When you do, you show Him that you believe He is your provider and healer, that He is perfect love, life, joy, peace and all you need. In a sense, your actions tell God, “Lord, I really trust You for WHO You are!”

Problems come when you try to grab ahold of the rain (blessings, provision). The more you hold on to it, the harder it will be to release it when the Lord tells you to. You must hold it loosely! God is sending things to you, but He could ask you to give them up as quickly as they come.

Back to Noah. Imagine him in the Ark with all kinds of animals and his family, trusting God to provide for their needs and safely carry them to dry land. Awesome faith! After the rain ended, the blessings came. They began to rebuild. Be encouraged that this test of yours isn’t going to last much longer. You may be feeling like you are giving things away at a rapid pace, but God is testing your heart. God wants to make sure you don’t love the rain (blessings) and forget about Him.

Do you know that God your Provider is all you need? You have access to all you need from your ascension seat in Him. The only thing that causes a blessing delay is FEAR. Fear is an element of separation that began in the garden. But good news! Jesus defeated death, sin and the grave! When He ascended into heaven, you were seated with Him in heavenly places and given access to His storehouse.

I hear the Lord saying, “Do not be concerned about your health issues. I have your health in My hands. I am releasing what is necessary in order to bring healing to your body, mind and soul.” Hold on to this word. Do not give place to fear. Hold onto the Word and release your faith. In other words, you may need to take an action step: take communion, proclaim, declare and decree over your body the healing power of Jesus. “By His stripes, I have been healed. I’m ascended with the Lord and seated with Him. I have no pain in this area.” Then maintain your healing by standing on the Word in faith and staying focused on Christ.

With rain, the water flows. Get excited! God is doing great things. Thank Him for it and watch it come to pass! Let me pray for you today: “Father, remove any fear, worry or anxiety that pertains to my friend’s health, finances, family or relationships.  Jesus, release the rain from heaven upon them. Give them peace and let them know You have taken care of every need. Help them to release Your blessing instead of clutching it tightly in fear. Restore them Lord, in Jesus name, amen.”

I want you to declare this over your life: I am portal that is permanent. I will do whatever God asks me.  I will thank the Lord in all things. I will honor and respect God my Provider. I am a releaser. I will release the rain that is coming to me, and I will not be attached to it!